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99% is not complete

God allows me to learn many things on my own  however  it may be,

though most of the time the hard way.

God will never break a promise.

He doesn’t leave me at all.

All this years I’ve been  trying to escape from him.

But still His shadows  will creep at a random time and will sway  me off my feet.

I have never been away from him

though I always  reject His comfort.

He who watches me will never sleep nor slumber

The first time He gave me Brenda for a slap

Then aTe Shienna for a pinch

And now,  that  I am detached from the church

He gave me Ionee for a warm hug

Asking me to seek  Him.

Asking me to look for that 1% that is lost

Better to leave the 99 that makes you incomplete

To look for that missing part

Who treats me number 1 in His heart.